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Beach Access – 54 Tarpon Street Wedding in Destin | Sydney + Dustin | Florida Wedding Videography

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Even the strongest of us stumble and fall sometimes. But strength is not only determined by one’s ability to withstand obstacles, but how one is able to get back up when they eventually fall. Which is why when Sydney and Dustin made the bold step to remarry on the beach of Destin in Florida, it was welcomed with open arms by friends and family who gathered to witness it. It was a wedding founded on pure love and the need to care for and make the best decision for them and their children and as such, it was a rather eventful and touching moment. 

We beautifully captured even the smallest moments to the major ones. We covered the warm moment Dustin shared with his son-to-be as he not only prepared himself but helped to prepare the boy too. Sydney also had her moment with her stepdaughter-to-be before she was ushered down the aisle by her father.  The exchange of vows left Sydney in tears of joy, and Dustin’s sincerity was clearly evident in his voice as he read his vows. But what made their vows even more special was how they not only channeled the vows to themselves, but to their children as well and one could tell from how the kids hugged them that they had already built a bond of love and trust with them. It was a moment so touching that Sydney’s father was moved into tears. In a nick of time, the wedding officiant emphatically announced them husband and wife and the newlywed symbolized it with a kiss, after which the couple with friends and family took a moment by the beach side to hug, kiss, and pose for the cameras and we employed every opportunity to capture the beautiful moments. The reception was later moved indoors. The beach wedding, which had tropical elements on the outside turned out to have a rather glamorous feel on the inside. The decor had soft hues, delicate lighting, hanging lights, and the simple floral made of bold oxblood and white and green as the background. 

The first dance was glamorous, with the joy resonating from their faces, the couple slowly moved to the rhythm of the music, as they lovely ended it with a long warm hug. Dustin then had a moment with his daughter where he danced with her and Sydney and her son also had their own moment too. The wedding was obviously not just for the joining of the parents, but for the kids too, which was evident in how they carried them along throughout the marriage ritual even to the reception. They also observed the father-daughter and mother-son dance. A wonderful and emotional moment where the couple’s parents used to express their love, joy and support to their children’s bold decision. The rest of the night was well spent with dancing and merry from all in attendance that day. The day symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter for Sydney and Dustin and their new found family. And with the love and support from the family who came to cheer them on on their bold decision, one can be sure that they can stand tall through any other obstacles to come.

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