Film Collections by Dalton Young Start at $3997.
Highlight Films by Our Team Start at $1997.
Note: Dalton only personally films 20 weddings each year worldwide, therefore his availability is limited.

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collection three

From $1997+
Get the look and feel you love about our work by working with our team for your highlight film.

collection two

From $7495+
Get the most out of our multiple film collections, with even more room to add more if desired.

From $3997+
Everything you need for the best experience and amazing highlight film working with Dalton Young.

collection one


Frequently asked

Such a great question! As you can imagine, we get this one every single time. Please reach out to us with the event dates you would like covered and we can confirm our availability at that time. We only shoot 20 weddings per year to reserve the highest level of service, product, and quality for our clients. This also allows us to balance projects, planning, and family time with our children. Contact us and we can let you know!

Do you have our date(S) available?

Yes, all of our packages are completely tailorable, excluding WedX Team packages.. You get to be in charge of your big day when building your package! We start with our base pricing, which is currently $3997, to guarantee you will work with Dalton Young,  and from there you can go with what's included or build out an entire weekend with a multi-film collection! You choose the package, we deliver the experience! Our WedX Team offers a limited set of upgrades with our qualified team members. These packages do not guarantee Dalton Young's availability for your event.

Are you packages customizable?

Yes, we offer complete travel packages with each custom wedding proposal. We travel to select countries worldwide. As for your investment, we invoice our travel separately, so your initial deposit will only be for booking us for your big day!

Do you offer travel packages?




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