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Regardless of other expenses linked to a wedding, most couples agree that beautiful wedding photos are a must because they capture memories that will last forever. You might think that even an average wedding photographer’s cost is pretty high, but believe us when we say it’s the one expense you don’t want to skimp on. […]

Cost breakdown of a Wedding Photographer. Is it worth it?

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Getting excellent video footage around sunset does not happen simply by coincidence, but is desirable in most weddings! Therefore, we want to tell you what golden hour wedding videography is about, why it is important and our videography tips to make the best use of it. Whether it’s to be shot on the day of […]

Tips To Get Amazing Video Footage During Golden Hour & Blue Hour

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Your wedding photo collection is one of the most important things to plan for, before your wedding day, in order to have a gallery you absolutely adore. If you want to have the best wedding photos and videos possible, you need to prepare in advance before the shooting begins. So, making sure you choose the […]

Best 6 Poses For Wedding Portraits

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Alabama wedding bride in Gulf Shores gazing at ocean.

One of the most important things on your wedding checklist should be having wedding photos in which you look amazing. It’s a fact that when you look back at your wedding album and video, you will love to see how fabulous you both appeared in the moments captured on your special day. So what are […]

10 Poses That Will Make You Look Fantastic in Wedding Photos!

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Cute Wedding Poses

Your wedding day is finally here, and among all the preparations you have to think about, the most important one is – the wedding photographer. It may seem an easy task, but it’s vital to find the right one, who will know how to capture all the beautiful moments from your special day. You must […]

Wedding Photography – Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Day Vow Books

‘Marriage is a journey, a time of adventure,’ said the officiant at Sarah and Matthew’s wedding as they stared into each other’s eyes holding hands. The ceremony was in the spirit of Miramar Beach Florida weddings, a quintessential chic beachside ceremony with an abundance of pink and white roses, foliage, lots of silk in the […]

Miramar Beach Wedding | S+M | Florida Wedding Videography

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Couple gazing into each others eyes after their wedding.

‘I promise you with all my heart that I will love you more and more every day of my life,’ were the opening words by the groom in this profound, beachside ceremony that had a remarkably Zen vibe with the lanterns, the wooden chairs, and the tufts of white silk. Ashley and Devin had been […]

Beasley Park Wedding | A+D | Okaloosa Island Videography

Wedding Videography and Photography

Couple walking at sunset on the beach after wedding ceremony.

‘This is my person, this is my happy ending.’ When you love someone more than anything in the world you don’t need all the fixings and all the glamor, all you need is that person by your side telling you they want to be with you forever. This Milton Florida wedding video is of a […]

Pensacola Beach Wedding | K+R | Florida Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography and Photography

Couples nuzzling for photos at elopement.

Madison and Ryan had a very rainy day for their wedding, but the couple’s energy, sweet nature, and love for each other warmed everyone up. They had their ceremony during the rain under an umbrella but no one there would have missed a minute of it, especially not any Florida wedding videographer. The wedding ceremony […]

Santa Rosa Beach Wedding | M+R | Florida Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography and Photography

Couple reading intimate wedding vow letters.

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