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You can only find so much information by scrolling on Pinterest. Interested in planning a wedding in Destin or the greater Florida area? Check out our posts to get advice from an award-winning wedding videography and photography team located right here in Destin!  

Firstly, we’d like to congratulate you on your engagement and upcoming wedding — what a beautiful, joyful occasion. If you and your partner have decided to throw a Miramar Beach wedding, you couldn’t have made a better choice! Now it’s time to choose the venue that will depict your beautiful personality and impeccable style. An […]

Beach Wedding Locations in Miramar Beach, FL

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It is no secret that barn wedding locations burst with character. Due to their abundance of natural rustic allure, they infuse your wedding with character and an authentic atmosphere. If you are planning a Destin barn wedding, then you would be glad to know that several barn locations in the area are now used as […]

Top 8 Barn Wedding Venues in the Destin, FL Area

Wedding Venues

Wedding photos are beautiful but one cannot deny the fact that unlike the organized look of wedding shoots, an engagement shoot has a unique way of projecting the precious and private moments of a couple. One that exudes a sense of freedom that allows the couple the laxity of capturing their unique taste and individuality, different […]

Destin Engagement Pictures | M+T | Destin FL Photographer

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What makes a good photograph is the ability of the photo to speak for itself. That with one glance, an onlooker can already coin a narrative from the image. And photos like engagement photos are to serve the purpose of safekeeping the beautiful and intimate moments of a couple for memory’s sake. And in most […]

The Landing Engagement | S+M | Fort Walton Beach Photographer

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Marriage is one of the most important moments in every individual’s life. It is the day one makes the decision to disown one’s  heart and to merge it with that of another individual to beat as one. It is a very delicate and sacred ritual that shouldn’t be taken lightly and that is why it is […]

Henderson Beach Wedding | A+M | Destin Wedding Videography

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Even the strongest of us stumble and fall sometimes. But strength is not only determined by one’s ability to withstand obstacles, but how one is able to get back up when they eventually fall. Which is why when Sydney and Dustin made the bold step to remarry on the beach of Destin in Florida, it […]

Beach Wedding in Destin | S+D | Florida Wedding Videography

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It was a beautiful day at Pensacola Beach, Florida. But the beauty of the day paled in comparison to the beauty of the moments made that day. Alyssa and Joseph had decided to tie the knot on that day and had the love and support of their families and friends who converged at the beach […]

Pier Suite in Pensacola Beach | A+J | Florida Wedding Videography

Wedding Videography and Photography

Being a bride can be a bit overwhelming. But before you get too stressed out deciding who should be your bridesmaid, read through these funny bridesmaids tips that are sure to ease your tension. There is a lot of thought that goes into deciding who the bridesmaids at your wedding should be. Then, there is […]

3 Tips to Consider When Choosing A Bridesmaid

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An engagement ring is a symbol of commitment; a promise, a pledge, and a vow. The promise is to forsake all others, to stay devoted and true; the pledge is to honor that promise selflessly, to see the whole thing through; and the vow is to keep that pledge unwaveringly, until the days are few. […]

Henderson Beach Wedding | D+D | Destin Fl Engagement Photographer

Wedding Videography and Photography

Every parent’s joy is to witness the prosperity of their child. They are a constant figure in the life journey of every individual. From infancy to the moment you break your first word, to your first day in school, to all your first encounters they are there, teaching, reproving, cheering you on, with all the […]

The Parents and Couple’s Dance on your Wedding Day

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