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Regardless of other expenses linked to a wedding, most couples agree that beautiful wedding photos are a must because they capture memories that will last forever. You might think that even an average wedding photographer’s cost is pretty high, but believe us when we say it’s the one expense you don’t want to skimp on. […]

Cost breakdown of a Wedding Photographer. Is it worth it?

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Getting excellent video footage around sunset does not happen simply by coincidence, but is desirable in most weddings! Therefore, we want to tell you what golden hour wedding videography is about, why it is important and our videography tips to make the best use of it. Whether it’s to be shot on the day of […]

Tips for getting an amazing video footage during the golden hour, blue hour, and twilight

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Your wedding photo collection is one of the most important things to plan for, before your wedding day, in order to have a gallery you absolutely adore. If you want to have the best wedding photos and videos possible, you need to prepare in advance before the shooting begins. So, making sure you choose the […]

Best 6 Poses For Wedding Portraits

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Alabama wedding bride in Gulf Shores gazing at ocean.

One of the most important things on your wedding checklist should be having wedding photos in which you look amazing. It’s a fact that when you look back at your wedding album and video, you will love to see how fabulous you both appeared in the moments captured on your special day. So what are […]

10 Poses That Will Make You Look Fantastic in Your Wedding Photos!

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Cute Wedding Poses

Your wedding day is finally here, and among all the preparations you have to think about, the most important one is – the wedding photographer. It may seem an easy task, but it’s vital to find the right one, who will know how to capture all the beautiful moments from your special day. You must […]

Wedding Photography – Choosing the Best Wedding Photographer

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Wedding Day Vow Books

‘I’m a man and I’m crying,’ said the groom as his bride walked towards him on the sandy Panama City Beach. She too had tears in her eyes and it was a moment worth capturing for a Florida wedding videographer. Chris the groom had such an incredible sense of humor and he was so well-loved […]

Beach Wedding In Panama City | Erin + Chris | Weddings In Florida | Beach Wedding Videography

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The couple shares kiss after Panama City Beach wedding ceremony.

For the majority of couples, being in front of a camera feels unnatural and uncomfortable, and that’s perfectly fine! Brides and grooms already have a lot to consider on their special day—and we are now going to add wedding videography posing to the list of what needs to be thought about? The art of posing […]

The Ultimate Wedding Videography Posing Guide For A Natural Look | Florida Wedding Videography | Wedding Tips For Brides

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Couple at Eden Garden State Park Wedding

If you’re contemplating whether to hire a wedding videographer, think about the most important elements you want to be captured on film that you wouldn’t get to see otherwise. Such as not being together to glimpse the small details when y’all are getting ready or not seeing the expression on your parents’ faces as you […]

Top 6 Florida Beaches For A Cinematic Bridal Videography Session | Florida Wedding Videography | Wedding Tips For Brides

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Destin Beach Wedding In The Rain

We believe that wedding photography is most dramatic when combined with wedding videography. Is it worth hiring a wedding videographer? The most straightforward answer is a resounding YES! Your wedding day is a significant event in your life, and you recognize the importance of preserving those memories. Video, unlike photography, provides motion and sound, allowing […]

Wedding Videography Costs – Is It Worth It? | Florida Wedding Videography | Wedding Tips For Brides

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Panama City Beach Sheraton Wedding Bride and Groom Kissing

When couples decide to get married, they usually hire a photographer to take pictures of their big day. But videographers provide you with a different kind of portrayal. A visual narration of your romantic tale, with all of the gestures, all of the sounds, vows, exhales while you say “I do” – everything. Now, what […]

Behind The Scenes With A Wedding Videographer | Florida Wedding Videography | Wedding Tips For Brides

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