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The Breakers of Fort Walton Beach Wedding in Okaloosa Island | Alyssa + Daniel | Florida Wedding Videography

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Love has an attitude. A daring and unapologetic one. So random in its ways, it would visit unannounced and knock when it is least expected. It leaves no warning for who or why, but once that moment comes, it finds its way to make a whole lot of sense. This is evident from Alyssa and Daniel’s wedding at the notorious Okaloosa Island in Florida. The scenes skillfully captured by Dalton Young’s film tell their own story. The décor was one of the most noticeable features asides from the lovely bride beautifully adorned in her lace gown. The color palette that defines the classical theme, had an interesting deviation from what was supposed to be the norm. There was a bold mixture of orange, white, and a sea-green background to compliment the navy blue; one that stood out but worked! The blue matched with the jean trouser of the groom and the bold choice of the groomsmen, polo shirts. The screaming contrast identified the couple’s unique taste and individuality and how love could create beauty from differences.

When Daniel first beheld his bride, radiant as the sunset, his first statement was “Oh my!”. He could not hide his awe and joy as he embraced her for the first time, and one could tell from how he gazed at her from the other end of the aisle as her mother walked her down that Daniel was so lost in love with her and Alyssa mirrored his look too. And in just a moment, the lovebirds sealed their forever with a deliberately passionate kiss. The reception happened at the Gulfarium marine adventure park. The hall was beautifully lit with the soft lighting of the aquarium that functioned as the main background and the fishes on display gave off a cozy, homey feeling complimented by the Warm DJ lighting to set the party mood, one that resulted in a rather engaging session.

Daniel and Alyssa started the evening by opening the dance floor with their first dance and then followed that with their parents, a magical moment that was worth saving for a lifetime. Then young and old alike, joined in on the dance floor to celebrate with the newly wed. After which the couple cut their cake and fed each other then shared wine with hands entwined into each other in a romantic style. And as they retired to their seats, family, and well-wishers conveyed their hearts in words to the couple and wished them goodwill. Then the final interlude came were all in attendance concluded the night by dancing to their heart’s content, all the while, experiencing and sharing the joy they received from Alyssa and Daniel’s union. It was a day and night to remember when love came down, without warning, loud, bold, and unapologetically left a souvenir of something beautiful.

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