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The Landing, Fort Walton Beach Florida Engagement Pictures | Sydney + Marius | Destin Fl Engagement Photographer

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What makes a good photograph is the ability of the photo to speak for itself. That with one glance, an onlooker can already coin a narrative from the image. And photos like engagement photos are to serve the purpose of safekeeping the beautiful and intimate moments of a couple for memory’s sake. And in most cases, these frozen pieces of memories are hung well framed on the wall of one’s home. It would be worthwhile if such a picture speaks reminder of the beauty of such moments shared. That is why to capture such delicate moment, it is wise to get good eyes, ones that not only captures two people but the experience of that moment. And that, Dalton Young Films & Photography have achieved from the rather exciting engagement shoot of Sydney and Marius at The Landing, Fort Walton Beach Florida.

The pictures give an onlooker a clear idea of the couple’s personalities. Sydney’s outgoing energy matches that of Marius so perfectly, like the two were made for each other. Their choice of dressing also goes against the typical romantic style but works! They wore matching pair of jeans on an in-matching T-shirts. One that seemingly shows the couple’s unique taste. The beautiful scenery of Fort Walton Beach also added color to the cheer the happy couple brought with them. It had a beautiful relaxing look and feel. As they hugged, kissed, posed and goofed around for the cameras, it was obvious the couple was more than just romantically involved, they were friends. And that is what a good photograph does, it tells it’s own story. 

We are beyond excited to be their their Ate’s Ranch wedding photographer and videographer in Milton, FL.

Take a look at their engagement pictures

Catch a glimpse of Sydney and Marius’s engagement photos and re-live the moment as if you were there. 

- Dalton

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